Customization labels and stickers stick and peel anywhere

Monday, 20 May 2013 3 comments

Customization labels and stickers of any product or service has its own advantages. Customized stickers and labels are a great way to promote your business or brand your products. We can easily apply a full color, eye-catching labels on products.

A common use of these labels and stickers ::

customized label stickers
Product Details
  • Seven shapes to apply:
           • Circle
           • Square
           • Rectangle
           • Heart
           • Triangle
           • Star
  • Vibrant color print on scratch-resistant paper
  • Easy to stick and peel anywhere

Self Adhesive labels & stickers are a great way to brand your products

Sunday, 12 May 2013 0 comments

Self adhesive labels and stickers
Adhesive Labels are permanent, removable or repositionable. Self adhesive labels are a great way to print company logo, address and much more on bottles which are waterproof and durable.

Self Adhesive Labels produce from Paper, PVC, PE, PP, BOPP, Polyester and other film label.

Self Adhesive Labels provide following shapes:

• Heart Shape labels 
• Square & Rectangle Shape labels
• Circle (Round) Shape labels
• Oval Shape labels
• Triangle Shape labels
• Star-burst Shape labels
• CD/ DVD, audio & video labels
• Wine bottle labels
• Avery* compatible labels shapes

Materials have to be good too. Paper labels work well for the office or interior work and are economical, but the specialty or synthetic labels are required for labels exposed to harsh environments.

Whenever create your own  self Adhesive Labels or shrink sleeve labels in unique shapes, determine which design is better and fits to give a great look and design of bottles and containers.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling the great solution

Wednesday, 8 May 2013 0 comments

Shrink sleeve is great technology as a custom packaging solution. If you want an allover decoration for your product, Heat shrink labels are also a great solution.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling

High quality shrink sleeve labels that have bright colors and fine printing

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 0 comments

Last 30 years, known as a specialist manufacturer and supplier tamper evident labels / seals, Full body shrink sleeve labels, Shrink labels for bottles, Combination packaging and much more. provides high quality of shrink labels that have brilliant colors and fine printing for all kinds of packaging.

Tamper Evident Bands

We have tamper evident labels and high security seals available which are:

Tamper evident labels

Importance to select right unique Shrink labels

Friday, 29 March 2013 0 comments

Since 1980 provides unique Shrink labels like Foil printed labels, Adhesive Labels, Water bottle labels, Custom label stickers, Plain shrink sleeve, Tamper evident labels, full body shrink labels, Combination packaging, Customized / Personalized stickers labels and much more to consumer, these labels are play main role to eye caching in the market. They have unique identity. Shrink sleeve labels are popular on food and beverage packaging industry, help to making attractive labels and easily fit on bottles or containers.
Printed shrink labels

Great appearance using Shrink labeling

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 0 comments

Custom Labels
Nowadays, Shrink labels become popular as branding and promoting for packaging products and decorate to bottles and containers any shape, size, and allowing capacity to make decorative sleeves up to 360 degree printing with skin tight effect.

This way is better and cheaper than other packaging methods and shrink labels are producing attractive, cost effective and unique.

Specialized Producer and Supplier of Shrink sleeve labels

Friday, 15 March 2013 1 comments

Heat shrink labels process  begun manufacturing packaging materials in 1980. We are the leading manufacturer of Shrink sleeve labels for labeling plastic bottles, glass bottles, glass jars, plastic jars, containers and tubes using the latest equipment.

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